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The TV news show Tagesschau is streamed daily to the Internet and can be watched by anyone in the world with an Internet connection.

If you are learning German but do not receive TV stations in your area of the world, you can now watch the daily news via the Internet. The news program Tagesschau which many exchange students or teachers remember from their stay abroad in Germany, can now be watched in your own living room on your computer.

In fact, watching the news on your computer has advantages over watching news on the TV:

- You can skip uninteresting stories.
- You can read an accompanying text on the same story to reinforce important vocabulary.
- You can watch the video clip as much as you want.
- You can search the video archive with a keyword to find video news clips on topics of interest.

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  1. Imran on

    Might come in handy, as I haven’t brushed up on my German for a while.

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