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The Babylon Translator enables you to right-click on any English word or phrase on your screen and get an instant translation of it in your native language. After you Download Babylon and install the program, you can use it to read the daily news in English on your favorite website, for example, clicking on words you don’t know. You can see a demonstration of how this works in the video to the right.

1. Faster than a book. Babylon is faster than flipping through paper pages of your translation dictionary.

2. Faster than a CD. Babylon is faster than switching into a CD-ROM dictionary program and retyping the word to get the definition.

3. Translates phrasal verbs. Babylon translates phrasal verbs such as “to get on with” (to continue). When I clicked the word “it” in the phrase “He made it to the top,” Babylon showed me the definition for “to make it” (to arrive at a destination). Intelligent software.

4. Users can improve it. If you look up a word or phrase which Babylon does not know, you can send a suggestion to the company to add that word or phrase. These suggestions are reviewed and added to the next version.

5. Always available. Babylon loads automatically when you start your computer and will translate words in any application. It will work in any browser, any word processor, any application you use on your computer. Since Babylon operates on character-recognition technology, you can right-click on any word you see on your screen and it will translate it.

6. Babylon is encyclopedic. Babylon not only translates words and phrases but also proper names and geographical places. When I clicked on the name “Garfield,” for instance, Babylon told me that this name refers to an ex-president as well as a cartoon character. Babylon also had no trouble identifying “Clinton,” “Microsoft,” “Idaho” and “Papua New Guinea.”

7. Babylon is free. You can download Babylon free from the Internet. It will take you 5 minutes to download and another 5 minutes to install. Babylon will remind you in 100 days that you need to download the next version.

Babylon has versions which translate from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands, Japanese or Hebrew.

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  1. duc on

    I want to find a suitable tool to translate English into Japanese and Japanese to English.How can I get it?

  2. Valentina Petrova on

    I want to find a suitable tool to translate Dutch to Bulgarian and Dutch to English. How can I get it?

  3. Juffran Mew on

    II want to find a suitable tool to translate Filipino to English and English to Filipino. How can I get it?

  4. Bashir on

    It really worth and helpfull

  5. ajay on

    it is exellent.

  6. umair on

    i want to translate English into Filipino (Tagalog) and vice versa

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